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TECHNICAL DATA OF GALVALUME SHEETS - 100% Quality Sheet and MS Materials All ISI Brand

FIRE RESISTANCE: It is a non-combustible and non-flammable material & also non-sparking.

LIGHTNING: Metal covered and structure buildings offer the safest possible shelter during electrical storms. Because of its high electrical conductivity, it offers excellent protection from lighting damage. It is, however, always recommended that Aluminium ( and NOT COPPER ) lighting conductor systems should always be used on or next to an Aluminium roof. This is essential to take care of the bi-metallic corrosion between Aluminium and copper.

ECONOMY IN SUPPORTING STRUCTURES: The superimposed weight of Aluminium building sheets on the substructure is very small. This ensures lighter supporting structurals. The purling spacings can also be increased considerably ensuring reduction in the number of purlins.

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